October 23 2023

Unlocking Financial Stability- The Power of Whole Life Insurance for Business Owners:

Dear Esteemed Clients,


In the realm of business and investments, the pursuit of stability and security is paramount. As entrepreneurs, the need to fortify our financial portfolios with steadfast assets is crucial for safeguarding our legacy and securing our loved ones' future. This is where the transformative potential of whole life insurance shines brightly, offering a multi-faceted solution tailored to your specific financial aspirations and concerns.


Diversified Stability for Your Portfolio


Amidst the ebbs and flows of the market, whole life insurance stands tall as a cornerstone asset, fostering stability that complements your existing investment ventures. Unlike other financial instruments, it guarantees robust cash value accumulation, solidifying your financial strategy with a reliable and steady foundation.


Secure and Flexible Source of Funds


Picture a financial tool that not only grows steadily but also provides a flexible source of funds during unforeseen emergencies and ambitious business undertakings. Whole life insurance not only offers tax-advantaged growth but also grants you the freedom to access its liquidity for business expansions, acquisitions, or any unexpected financial requirements. Embrace the power of adaptability, and witness how it transforms your approach to financial management.


An Essential Component of Estate Planning


In the complex landscape of business ownership, safeguarding your loved ones and business partners is paramount. Whole life insurance plays a pivotal role in estate planning, ensuring your legacy remains intact even in the face of adversity. The comprehensive death benefit shields your family from potential liabilities, estate taxes, and ensures the seamless continuation of your business legacy, instilling a sense of security and reassurance.


At WealthViser Private Wealth, we believe that integrating whole life insurance into your financial strategy lays the groundwork for sustainable wealth preservation and protection. Let us assist you in constructing a resilient and diversified financial plan, meticulously aligned with your investment inclinations and long-term aspirations.


For personalized guidance or any queries, please do not hesitate to reach out to our dedicated team.

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Franco Caligiuri

Last Week in the Markets: October 16th – 20th, 2023

What happened last Week?


Equities and safer havens moved in opposite directions last week.  The major North American indexes fell 1.6 to 3.2 percent last week as the 10-year Government of Canada bond yield ended the week over 4%, and 10-year U.S treasuries (not shown above) nearly breached 5%.  Gold rose again, for the second consecutive week, now up $149.20 or 8.1% since the Hamas-Israel War began.  US Treasuries  Treasury Yields


Canada’s Price Index (CPI) was released on Tuesday, and it was lower than expected.  On a year-over-year basis consumer prices rose 3.8% in September, slightly lower than the 4.0% gain measured in August.  The slowing of price increases was led by travel services, durable goods, and groceries.  Gasoline rose 7.5% on an annualized basis, compared to August’s 0.8% increase.  CBC and CPI   StatsCan CPI release


China reported that its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) for the third quarter is 4.9% above the same period last year, beating analyst expectations of 4.4%.  Year-to-date 2023 is 5.2% ahead of 2022.  The strengthening of the second largest economy will assist global growth.   CNN and China's GDP


On Thursday, the Federal Reserve Chair, Jerome Powell, delivered a speech at the Economic Club of New York where he said, “Inflation is still too high, and a few months of good data are only the beginning of what it will take to build confidence that inflation is moving down sustainably toward our goal.”  Traders immediately removed the likelihood of a November rate increase, but it will take 1½ weeks for the confirmation to arrive from Powell.   Powell Speech  CNBC and Powell's Speech


The largest contributor to falling values for U.S. equities may be the outlook for the third quarter earnings season, which appears to be lacklustre.  Only about one-fifth of the S&P 500 have reported earnings so far, and the majority have beaten estimates, but downward revisions to EPS could make Q3 the fourth consecutive quarter of year-over-year earnings declines for the S&P 500. FactSet Insight



What’s ahead for this week and beyond?


In Canada, the Bank of Canada will release an interest rate decision on Wednesday, which will be influenced by the latest inflation, employment, and Federal Reserve news.


In the U.S., the mortgage market index, building permits, new home sales, and durable goods data will be announced.  The Federal Reserve’s primary inflation indicator, the Personal Consumption and Expenditures (PCE) index will be reported, which is almost a week ahead of the next U.S. interest rate announcement.  The PCE report will be closely monitored and may predict the Fed’s next announcement.


Globally, consumer confidence and the European Central Bank’s refinancing rate will be reported Eurozone, while Japan releases its latest consumer inflation and foreign investment data.

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