Our Meeting Process

The planning process is crucial to providing clients with the greatest probability of achieving their goals. We begin with carefully understanding your aspirations, then we design a mutually agreed upon plan, implement it efficiently, monitor it regularly, and evaluate it overtime to ensure that the plan evolves with you.

Step 1

The Fit

  • Introductions
  • Determining Your Intentions, Goals and Dreams
  • Assess whether there is a good fit in working together
  • Do Values Align

Step 1

Step 2

The Discovery

  • Discovering your Needs, Goals and Long-Term Vision
  • Discovering your Motivation in Developing a plan
  • Outlining our Service Standards and Expectations
  • Discuss and Review our Fees and Fee Tiers based on the Assets under Wealthviser's Management

Step 2

Step 3

The Alignment

  • Advisor to Present Financial Plan/Recommendations that Align with you Needs, Goals and Vision
  • Address Questions, Game Plan, Timelines and Expectations

Step 3

Step 4

The Implementation

  • Address any Clarifying Questions
  • Outline Timelines (Account Transfers, Onboarding)
  • Completion of Applications and all Related Paperwork

Step 4

Ready to Secure Your Financial Future?

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